Awesome Apps - Addons for Niche Platforms


Awesome Apps

This post is a WIP.

When we think about app development, our minds often wander to the bustling hubs of major app stores. But beyond this crowded cityscape lies a vast, uncharted territory of niche platform app stores, waiting to be explored.

The Quiet Country: Niche Platform App Stores

Most dream of launching their products on platforms like Shopify, Slack, or the iOS App Store. However, beyond these giants, there exists a serene landscape of niche platform app stores, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

The Catalyst: Changing Tides in Tech

With the advent of AI tooling, small teams are now empowered to build more, faster. The efficiencies brought about by AI, combined with the decreasing costs of compute, are reshaping the landscape of app development. And as giants like Airtable, Zapier, and Mailchimp raise their prices, the tide is turning. The era of custom, cost-effective solutions for niche platforms is upon us.

Building for the Future with "Awesome"

The mission at "Awesome" is simple: to bridge the gap between niche platforms and the tools they need. There are hundreds of these platforms, like Cloudbeds, ProCore, and Kulea. In general these smaller platforms often lack the developer resources to build the features their customers crave. That's where "Awesome" comes in.

There are a few initial aspects that Awesome will target:

  • Integrations to modern, growing email platform like
  • Communication bots that integrate with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Fulfillment automation tools, replacing the need for tools such as ShipStation & AfterShip.
  • Integrations with AI tools that companies are hungry to use.